illy Iperespresso – Intenso ( Donkere Branding )

Illy’s coffee has been a popular choice for years, and for those who like their coffee with a bit more kick, the illy Iperespresso Dark Branding is the perfect option. Made from a blend of 9 pure Arabica species, sourced from countries including Ethiopia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Brazil, and India, only the finest coffee harvests are used to create this blend. The coffee is then ground and packed into convenient Iperespresso capsules, with just the right amount of coffee (7 grams). The Iperespresso system, developed by illy themselves, ensures that the coffee is always made at the perfect temperature, pressure, and for the right amount of time. Iperespresso capsules from illy were previously known as illy MIE capsules, with MIE standing for Metodo IperEspresso. The capsules are now known as Iperespresso capsules, in reference to the system used to create them.

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iperespresso| 126 gram| 18 Cups


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