illy – koffiebonen – Classico (Normale Branding)

Illy’s coffee has been a sensation for many years and its Normal Branding is considered the epitome of coffee. Connoisseurs have praised illy’s dedication to perfection that results in a distinctive coffee blend. Only the finest coffee harvests are utilized and blended to create this delicious coffee. The blend’s proportions are continuously adjusted to ensure that illy’s renowned taste remains constant. Illy’s Normal Branding provides a classic espresso flavor that is a must-try. It can be described as velvety, nutty, fine, and in complete harmony. An espresso made from these coffee beans produces a beautiful, red-brown crema. It provides a sweet taste sensation with a full and long-lasting aftertaste. You will experience so many flavors in just one cup!

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koffiebonen | 250 gram | goed voor 35 kopjes


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