Lavazza – Espresso Classico – 30 cups

Lavazza is a genuine family business rooted in a passion for quality and innovation. It was established in 1895 by Luigi Lavazza and has since been carried forward by four generations, with these values always at the heart of the company. The Lavazza family is uncompromising in their commitment to quality, an ethos that is evident in the brand’s reputation for excellence in Italian coffee.

Emilio Lavazza, the current leader of the family business, emphasizes that Lavazza operates from the heart and with a strong foundation of its employees, who work tirelessly to maintain the brand’s unique identity. Lavazza is dedicated to promoting a better living environment through its environmentally conscious practices, working conditions, and overall sustainability.

Lavazza has recently opened a CO2-neutral office in Turin, which showcases the company’s dedication to the highest standards in sustainability. Lavazza also takes responsibility for future generations and the planet by producing premium coffee on a global scale in a socially responsible manner.

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Nespresso compatible | 171 gram |   goed voor 30 kopjes


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