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Illy’s coffee has been a sensation for years. With illy’s Deca Caffeine-free espresso grind, you can make the perfect espresso without any caffeine. It’s a great option for enjoying coffee in the evening. Illy’s pursuit of perfection in making coffee is well-known among connoisseurs. The Deca contains the famous illy blend combining nine pure Arabica varieties from Ethiopia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Brazil, and India. Only the best coffee harvests are selected and mixed to create the Deca blend. This coffee has a caffeine content of less than 0.1%, yet it retains the classic espresso flavor of illy’s Normal Branding. The taste of this decaf is just as rich as the taste of the illy Normal Branding, with a full aroma and hints of chocolate, toasted bread, and the sweetness of honey and caramel. It’s a velvety coffee that you’ll enjoy. You can find illy’s Deca in their handy storage cans.

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Gemalen koffie | 250 gram | 35 cups


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