illy-E.S.E Servings Monodose Forte

The E.S.E. Servings Monodose FORTE by illy offers an intense, rich flavor that has hints of toasted bread and a heavenly aftertaste of dark chocolate. The illy Servings are packed individually to ensure that you always get a perfect, intense FORTE. Each E.S.E. pad (Easy Serving Espresso) contains one serving of ground illy-blend. This is the perfect amount of pressed coffee ground that you need to enjoy the tastiest espresso at home. Since the E.S.E. pads are packed individually, the contents remain fresher, and the taste is better. It’s that simple! The illy mélange comprises nine varieties of Arabica, obtained from the best harvests on three continents and picked by the best pickers. Each variety adds a different taste tone to the final product. The proportion of each Arabica is continually evaluated to ensure a perfect and consistent taste, the unique illy flavor that has been known worldwide for 80 years.

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ESE Serving | 126 gram |18 Cups


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